What was the first pony car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What was the first pony car?
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What was the first car produced by Hyundai?

the Hyundai Pony Excel in 1986

Is a Pontiac trans am a muscle car or pony car?

The Ford Mustang is the one and only "Pony" car.

Why is the Ford Mustang called the pony car?

It is credited with starting the compact muscle car segment(even thou the barracuda actually came out first). A mustang is a wild american horse and a pony is a small type of horse.

What kind of car is known as a Pony Car?


What happened on the pony express accident at knotts berry farm?

The car didn't make it up true first hill and came in contact with the car behind it

Is the dodge challenger a sports car?

yeah, its a muscle car! Wikipedia calls it a sports car, but really it is a muscle car. Wikipedia is too fancy to call it by its right name. Another name that Wikipedia will use is a pony car. A challenger is not a pony car, a mustang is. The mustang literly has a pony symbol on it.

What was the first My Little Pony tv show?

The first was simply called "My Little Pony".

Who was the first pony that twilight sparkle met?

In her lifetime, the first pony that Twilight met was presumeably one of her parents. The first pony that she meets in Ponyville is Pinkie Pie.

Is a pony car the same as a sports car?

Not by definition. Sports cars are low, fast, and trade many creature comforts such as a rear seat for power. Pony cars are compact, affordable cars with a powerful engine. An example of a sports car is a Ferrari, while an example of a pony car is the early Mustang.

Can you convert a pony car into a muscle car?

install a muscle car engine in it like a charger

What was randy and pony talking about in the car?

About the death of Bob.

What car does Kevin garnett drive?

Hyundai pony