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If you are in a boat the frequency is 156.8 Mhz, also known as channel 16. For an aircraft emergency the VHF frequency is 243.0 Mhz.

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Q: What vhf channel should be used to issue a mayday if you are faced with a life-threatening emergency?
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Which VHF marino channel should you use to call in a mayday?


When operating a vhf marine radio when should the term mayday be used?

Mayday is a distress call for help. It is used in a life threatening emergency and should be given three times in a row to be sure it is understood in the case of noisy or broken up communications.

How do you call in a maday in a fire department?

over the radio announce "mayday, mayday, mayday" then say your name and last known location. you may also want to announce the amount of air you have left. after you have called your mayday you should activate your P.A.S.S. device.

Why do people say may day when they need help?

The word mayday comes from the French term "venez m'aider, or m'aidez" which means "come (and) help me".The recommended distress call format includes the word mayday spoken three times, followed by the vessel's name or callsign, also spoken three times, then mayday and the name or callsign again. Vital information, including the position, nature of the emergency, assistance required and the number of people on board, should follow. A typical message might be:MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, this is Nonsuch, Nonsuch, Nonsuch. MAYDAY, Nonsuch. Position 54 degrees 25 minutes North, 016 degrees 33 minutes West. My boat is on fire and sinking. I require immediate assistance. 4 people on board, are taking a lifeboat. OVER.

When operating a vhf marine radio when should mayday be used?

When in imminent danger

When operating VHF marine radio when should the term MAYDAY be used?

When in imminent danger

When operating a VHF marine radio when should be term mayday be used?

When in imminent danger

Which emergency channel is monitored continuously by the US Coast Guard?

Channel 16 is internationally recognized for "Hailing and distress". The norm for professional mariners is to monitor 16 all the times. Ch 16 can be used also to hail a variety of vessels and land stations (related to maritime activities).An example of how a proper hailing might go."M/V Mary J this is F/V Sudden Relief on channel one six over" Reply "Sudden Relief this Mary J please switch and answer to working channel six eight, over".Channel 16 should NEVER be used for regular conversation. Maydays, local notice to mariners, and information may be announced over 16 and anything but a "Mayday" will be directed to a pre-selected alternate channel to pass the actual information.

Should emergency be capitalized?

Yes, "Emergency" should be capitalized when referring to a specific situation or type of response, such as "Emergency Room" or "State of Emergency."

When should you make a mayday call?

iceberg storm enemy / pirate ship tidal waves rock / mountain

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