What vehicles have a 96 inch wheel base?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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c4 corvette wheelbase is 96.2 inches. is there anything else out there that is close to it?

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jaguar xke  e type
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The only vehicle I am aware of is the Bricklin SV-1 but I'd assume thats why youre asking, I myself am looking for a replacement chassis that can be fitted for a bricklin.

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Q: What vehicles have a 96 inch wheel base?
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What is the wheel base of a 96 Chevy crew cab long bed?

168.5" long wheelbase

96 inch by 1 inch by 96 inch equals how many cubic feet?

5.3 cubic feet.

What size of socket do you need to get the nut off of the CV shaft on my 96 Concorde so you can change your wheel hub?

1 5/16 inch

Where is the steering wheel puller in a 96 Toyota corolla?

For Toyota vehicles it is recommended to use a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel, but the vehicles do NOT come with one standard. You can purchase one for ~20 dollars after shipping at JC Whitney, or you can Ebay one for less than 10. If your vehicle is equipped with an Air Bag in the wheel make sure you disconnect the battery for approx 10-15 minutes before you begin the task of removing the wheel.

Will 26 inch rims fit on a 96 impala ss with out lift kit?

Since nobody answered this I will take a stab at it... To fit 26" rims and tires on my 96 impala SS you will need 275/25/26 inch tires... The old problem we have with tucking big wheels on 94-96 impala's is the rear tire moving to close to the front of the rear wheel well... But they make rear extenders for that to center the wheel back there... But some people managed to pull it off without

What vehicles Have the same bolt pattern as a 96 Range Rover?

Another 96 Range Rover.

Can you put 15 inch wheels on 1995 Nissan 2 wheel drive pickup 14 inch is standard or 15 inch 1996?

I have a "96 4x2 that has 14". If the (6) lug bolt pattern is the same, then I don't know why either 14" or 15" wouldn't work.

You Just purchased a 96 Oldsmobile aurora you want to change your rims from stock Oldsmobile factory wheels to cragar ss wheels?

The original wheels are 16x7 inch but be sure to check the offset as well as the lug pattern on the Cragars before you purchase them. The lug pattern is 5x115mm and the offset should be for front wheel drive vehicles.

Will a 275-45-20 tire fit a 96 impala?

With a 20 inch wheel on this car, you would need a 255/35-20 tire size for a proper fit.

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96 in

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