What vehicle transports people to space?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Space Ship


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Q: What vehicle transports people to space?
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What is the name of the vehicle that transports people into space?

rocket ships

What do you call the vehicle which transports dead people?


What is a vehicle that transports a dead person?

a hearse

What Russian rocket transports people to the International Space Station?

Soyuz spacecraft are powered by Semyorka rockets.

What is a vehicle that can carry people into space?

A spacecraft, such as the SpaceX Dragon or the Russian Soyuz, is specifically designed to carry people into space. These vehicles are equipped with life support systems, crew seats, and other necessary features to ensure the safety and comfort of astronauts during their journey.

What are people called that operate a space vehicle?


What vehicle is used to transport people into space?


What is a large vehicle that transports loads?

A Semi-Trailer Truck.

A vehicle that transports a dead person that rhymes with curse?


What would be the ideal vehicle to launch people and cargo into space?

A reusable spacecraft designed for human spaceflight, such as SpaceX's Crew Dragon or Boeing's Starliner, would be ideal for launching people into space. For cargo, the Falcon Heavy by SpaceX is a powerful rocket capable of sending large payloads into orbit.

What does the space shuttle do?

The space shuttle was a spacecraft used by NASA for taking astronauts into space, deploying satellites, and conducting scientific experiments in microgravity. It could also carry large payloads to and from space. The space shuttle program was retired in 2011.

What is the name of a vehicle that transports dead bodies and rhymes with curse?