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THE 72-91 Honda Civic 1200/1500

76-78 Accord

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2009-11-22 22:02:38
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Q: What vehicle has or had a 4x120mm bolt pattern?
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Will a rim taken from a vehicle with a 114.3mm bolt pattern transfer to a vehicle with a 115mm bolt pattern?


What vehicle has a 5x112 Rim bolt pattern?

Most Audis and Mercedes use this bolt pattern. The only VWs that use this bolt pattern are the Passat, the Eurovan and older Vanagons.

What is the bolt pattern for a Chevy Camaro?

The bolt pattern on a Chevy Camaro is 5 by 4.75. This means that only wheels with this pattern will fit on this type of vehicle.

What vehicle take a bolt pattern of 6X137.9?

I know my '98 Nissan Frontier does...

Does a 5x114.3 bolt pattern fit a 2000 Lexus Es300?

yes that is the correct lug pattern for that vehicle

Can you use ford or dodge rims on chevrolet?

It depends if the bolt pattern on the wheels match the bolt pattern on the vehicle's hubs. In most cases, stock wheels from one manufacturer will not fit a vehicle from a different manufacturer.

Have a 2010 vw touareg 5x130 bolt pattern. what other year make vehicle have same bolt pattern. besides the Porsche cheyenne?

Audi q7

What vehicle will a 5 by 135 bolt pattern fit?

The only vehicles that used this pattern were 97-03 F150.

Will bolt pattern 5x100 fit a vehicle with 5x120.7?

They will fit if you get 5x100 to 5x120.7 adapters.

What vehicle has a 4x102mm bolt pattern with 67.1center bore?

Morris minor or Chevy vega

What is the bolt pattern for a 1996 Cadillac fleetwood?

The bolt pattern on a vehicle is the imaginary circle that would be formed by the wheel lugs. On a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood the bolt pattern is 5 lug 5 inch or 127 millimeter standard offset.

Will a 5x139.7 bolt pattern fit a 5x114.3?

It will not fit without an adapter. The 5 in that number refers to the quantity of bolt holes. The 139.7 refers to the distance between adjacent bolt holes in the pattern. In other words the distance between the upper most bolt hole and the lowest bolt hole in the pattern. Obviously, if the distance between the bolt holes is off by 25.7mm, this wheel will not fit. The only option is to purchase a bolt pattern adapter commonly referred to as wheel adapters, to change the bolt pattern of your vehicle.

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