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Did u ever find out

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2005 Toyota sienna

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Q: What vehicle does U-Haul V-5 hitch 2397-52-385 fit?
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What vehicle does a Draw tite hitch 75016 fit?

1987 Ford F150, Long bed

What are some of the parts a Buick Rendezvous needs?

Some of the parts a Buick Rendezvous needs include ball mounts, custom fit vehicle wiring, hitch adapters and hitch balls. Other parts include hitch extenders, pintle hitches and trailer wiring and adapters.

Where can I rent a large box truck?

Uhaul would be the best place to rent that kind of vehicle. However, Enterprise has a similar vehicle that would also fit 3 couches and a loft seat. It just depends on which company you prefer to use.

Can you load a car inside a uhaul truck?

Im sure a Mini would fit.

Will a trailer hitch for a silverado fit a Colorado?


Will the OEM receiver hitch from a 2003 Jeep liberty fit on a 2005 liberty?

Yes, a 2003 hitch will fit a 2005. If you look at Liberty hitches for sale online, they state they fit 2002-2007 Libbies.

Will a s10 blazer hitch fit a c1500?

No, not without fabrication.

Will a 1991 Plymouth mini van hitch fit 2001 dodge mini van?

No, it will not fit.

Are there bike racks that will fit on the back or roof of a 5th wheel camper?

E-Trailer sells bike racks for RVs and motorhomes. They have styles that fit around the spare tire, make use of the hitch, or hold the bikes against the side of the vehicle.

Will a tow hitch model 2397 52 385 fit a 2002 mercury villager?

Without knowing the brand of hitch, that's impossible to answer.

Do you have a powered wheelchair carrier to fit on a hitch of a car?

Wheelchair carriers are available

Will a 2007 Saturn ion trailer hitch fit a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

No, it will not. Go to and enter both vehicle models in the search field. You will see that these vehicles use different hitches. Jim