What use are bolt holes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What use are bolt holes?
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Will a 5x130 bolt pattern fit a 5x112 bolt pattern?

no 5=how many holes/bolts and 130mm or 112mm relates to the the distance between bolts. if you use the 5x130 on the 5x112 the holes will not match up because the holes are more spread out than the 5x112.

What is a bull pin used for?

It is used for lining up bolt holes on flanges. You hammer it in through the bolt holes and it lines the holes up. (Hopefully)

How many lug bolt holes are there on a 1500 Z71?

6 lug holes

Are four bolt wheels universal?

No, the spacing between the bolt holes is often different.

What animals live in the bolt-holes?

some birds, sometimes bees, and squirrels, sometimes field mice

How do you remove rear brake drum from a Renault kangoo van?

once you have removed the hub nut you will need a flat metal plate and a nut & bolt. The plate needs to have 3 holes in it, 1 in the centre and the other 2 to line up with the wheel bolt holes. use 2 wheel bolts to secure the plate to the drum, with the nut & bolt through the centre hole. use the nut & bolt to put tension on the hub shaft then tap the bolt to pull the drum off.

What were bolt holes used for in world war 1?

Bolt holes were used in the trenchs to hide away from and bombs coming, the bolt hole werent so very big so it was a very cramped space.

What can you use to hold your exhaust off your chassis?

Plumbers tape. its a metal strip with holes in to put a small nut&bolt through

I am installing a 400 Pontiac V8 in my 1975 Pontiac Firebird in place of the 6 cylinder What bolt holes do you use for the V8 Motor mounts Help me?

Are you asking which ones to use on the block itself? What year of block do you have. Pontiac has basically 3 styles. The first is a two bolt design up to '68. The second is a 5 bolt design..from '69-'75. Then a 3 bolt design from '76 to '79. I'm going to assume you have a 5 bolt design. You will need the engine mount brackets from a '69 and up Firebird with a Pontiac V-8. It will use 3 of the bolt holes in the block. The upper hole and two of the lower holes. Buy the correct rubber mounts to install on the frame and you are good to go. Hope that helps.

Will a 5x139.7 bolt pattern fit a 5x114.3?

It will not fit without an adapter. The 5 in that number refers to the quantity of bolt holes. The 139.7 refers to the distance between adjacent bolt holes in the pattern. In other words the distance between the upper most bolt hole and the lowest bolt hole in the pattern. Obviously, if the distance between the bolt holes is off by 25.7mm, this wheel will not fit. The only option is to purchase a bolt pattern adapter commonly referred to as wheel adapters, to change the bolt pattern of your vehicle.

Will 305 heads fit a 400 block?

YES they will bolt right on it with no problems. If this engine is to be used on the street, it would be advisable to add the steam holes to the heads. You can use the gasket as a template to mark where the holes go.

Are the bell housings different from ford eight cylinders to six cylinders?

can be, starter bolt holes,bellhousing holes.