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There is no "unit". It is a ratio. Just pick a unit. Since you're likely talking about engine displacement, liters are a good unit to use.


Engines are described in litres, but individual cylinder volumes are normally expressed in cubic centimetres (c.c.), but the compression-ratio is the same irrespective of measurement units because a ratio is dimensionless.

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Q: What unit is a compression ratio measured in?
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What is the highest compression ratio?

Compression ratio simply means the difference in size of the original vs compressed unit. Compression ratio is a commonly used term for internal combustion engine piston/cylinder compression and file compression. Ratios differ depending on the type of engine or the type of file being compressed. In file compression, 7zip has the highest compression ratio.

Is the compression ratio of a piston inside its cylinder measured mechanically or atmospherically?

Mechanically To put it as simply as possible. The cubic inches of a cylinder and the amount of space your compressing it into is the compression ratio.

A ratio that compares two quantities measured in different unit?

A conversion factor.

What is a critical compression ratio?

The lowest compression ratio of a compression-ignition engine that allows a specific fuel to be ignited by compression ignition.

What is the compression ratio to a Toyosha 142ci motor?

23:1 compression ratio

Compression ratio for 95 v6 mustang?

The compression ratio for the 1995 Mustang is: 9.0:1

What is the compression ratio of NASCAR engines?

The compression ratio for NASCAR engines is limited to 12.0:1.

How to calculate Compression ratio for an image?

compression ratio=uncompressed image size/compressed size

How do you calculate compression ratio?

compression ratio = compressed size / uncompressed size the ratio should be between 1 and 0 (multiply with 100 to get the ratio in percent) a ratio greater than 1 means, the compressed size is actually greater than the uncompressed size a ratio just below 1 means bad compression the lower the ratio, the better the compression

What is the compression ratio on a 2006 wrx sti?

8.4:1 is the compression ratio for 04-07 STi's.

What is the compression ratio of 600 PSI?

"600 psi" is not a compression ratio; it's a pressure. For a RATIO, you need to compare TWO different numbers.

What is compression ratio in air compressor?

The compression ratio is simply the ratio of the absolute stage discharge pressure to the absolute stage suction pressure.