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Every type of transportation we have uses some form of fossil fuel either to run it or build it.

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Q: What types of transportation use fossil fuels?
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What is a likely alternative to fossil fuels for future use in the air transportation industry?

shell gas station

What are some ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Some ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels include using a bicycle as a means of transportation. Walking to one's destination also helps, as well as car-pooling.

What does fossil fuels mean and use it in a sentence?

fossil fuels are like coal they are mined. they are mining fossil fuels for money

Name four ways that humans burn fossil fuels?

To heat their homes, to run transportation, cook, and to use devises. :)

Does rockets use fossil fuels?

Yes, they use fossil fuels and they use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Are fossil fuels bad for the earth?

Fossil fuels are not bad for earth but he use of fossil fuels is bad.Use of fossil fuels emit large amount of pollution which cause global warming.

How can you cut down your use of fossil fuels?

Use natural gases instead of fossil fuels are only use fossil fuel if it very urgent

Why should you stop using fossil fuels?

There will eventually be no fossil fuels to use in the world.

How does solar energy reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Most countries burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.If they used solar power to generate electricity, thenThey would not have to use so much fossil fuel.Solar Energy itself does not reduce the use of fossil fuels. But the use of solar energy should hopefully reduce the need of fossil fuels to create energy, so therefore the more we can use solar power as an energy source instead of fossil fuels, the more we reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Do ecnomical cars use fossil fuels?

All cars use fossil fuels somewhere in their energy cycle.

Why is the continued use of fossil fuels by your Earth an issue when it comes to types of resources?

when the earht comes it explotes

Do you use fossil fuels in Canada?

Yes they use fossil use in Canada.