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Whiplash resulting from car accidents tends to be the most common form of injury resulting in injury claims. Workplace injuries and faulty products account for the next most common claims.

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Q: What types of injuries are the most common in injury claims?
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What is one of the most common types of personal injury claims?

One of the most common types or rather the number one most common type of personal injury claim is traffic accidents. This is because a lot of people would rather drive than walk to their destination.

What types of injury claims need legal representation?

Types of injury claims that need legal representation include road accidents, work accidents, whiplash accidents, and medical negligence. It is best to contact a lawyer that specializes in injury claims and discuss your options.

What types of cases does the Maritime Injury Law Center handle?

The Maritime Injury Law Center has experience in general admiralty law and maritime personal injury law. It handles cases that deal with maritime personal injury claims and admiralty law. It also handles cases that involve sports injuries or boating accidents.

What injuries qualify to hire a personal injury lawyer?

You need a personal injury lawyer in any issue that involves an accident, injury, negligence, body altercation, in other issues. The types of injuries and accidents almost certainly require a lawyer's help are Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries, Severe Injuries, Medical Malpractice, and Toxic Exposure.

What are some common types of birth injury?

Some common types of birth injuries are baby brain injury (improper use of medical forceps) and Shoulder Dystocia (baby's head has been delivered but the shoulders are stuck). Shoulder Dystocia can lead to more severe injuries such as Erb's Palsy (temporary to permanent damage to the bundle of nerves that control the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand muscles).

What are the reasons for brain injuries?

There are many types of brain injuries that can occur. Traumatic brain injury is the most common one that occurs from something physical usually. They tend to occur from vehicular, construction or even sports accidents.

What types of injuries have occurred in mixed martial arts fighting?

Pretty much any injury you can imagine. Broken bones, teeth, displacements and concussions are all common.

Sports that involve a sharp pull to the arm can cause what kind or injury?

Sports that involve a sharp pull to the arm can cause several different types of injuries. One of the most common injuries is called rotator cuff syndrome.

Is there a standard compensation from insurance companies when you are rear ended and have damage to your vehicle and injuries to your neck and shoulders such as whiplash?

No, there isn't since damage and injuries can range from minor too major when accidents occur. Always ask for 5 times the amount you really want...In the UK there is guidance from the courts in the past for the pain and suffering different types of personal injuries cause. This will include neck injuries, shoulder injuries and back injuries - but as the earlier response indicated the guidance depends on the nature and severity of your symptoms. Please see the two related links entitled "neck injury claims" and "back injury claims" to see examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for pain and suffering for each various different neck and back injuries including whiplash.

What types of head injuries are there?

either as a closed head injury, such as the head hitting a car's windshield, or as a penetrating head injury, as when a bullet pierces the skull.

When is medical treatment necessary for wounds?

It depends on the injury. All injuries require different types of treatment.

What are the most common types of back pain injuries?

The most common types of back pain injuries are usually improper lifting techniques and car accidents. You can avoid lifting injuries by always lifting with your legs instead of your back or upper body.