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Every vehicle has the ability to turn on flashing lights. Most commonly, police cars, ambulances and fire trucks employ flashing lights as a warning to other drivers of an emergency. A normal motorist can emgage their flashers in case they are pulled off the road in an emergency or going below the speed limit.

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Q: What type of vehicles can use flashing lights?
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Are strobe lights legal in New York?

yes strobe lights are legal so long as they are not used with flashing red /blue lights . Only emergency state vehicles are authorized to use such lighting for emergency use only. Personal vehicles can use or obtain strobe lighting only and can not be used with any other colored flashing lights.

Do state and county vehicles engaged you road repair have to exhibit flashing red lights?

If it's a state or county vehicle doing road repairs then flashing lights are to be on but should not be red - they should be amber and/or clear.Added: Red (or blue) flashing lights are reserved for use on authorized emergency response vehicles only (i.e.: police - fire/rescue - ambulance).

When you are in trouble use your hazard or flashing?

Lights or signals fits this 'fill in the blanks'-type question..

What vehicles use blue flashing beacon?

Volunteer Firemen.

What type of light should vehicles use when parked on the highway at night?

The Park lights or your hazards

What color flashing lights does the FBI cars use?


Can you put flashing lights on an ice cream truck and flash the lights at night?

It depends on the traffic laws. codes, or ordinances where you intend to operate the vehicle. Usually, the use of flashing lights, and/or the color [IF flashing lights are permitted] is prohibited for all except emergency first responders [for example vehicles used by, police, law enforcement, emergency medical services, wreckers, etc.]. To find the answer, contact your local law enforcement [police] agency.

Is it illegal to mount a light bar on your roof I'm looking to get one in all white no flashing for my truck for use as a work light I'm in fl?

Florida statute section 316.2397 prohibits the use of red or blue lights on non-emergency vehicles. It also prohibits the use of flashing lights. I did not find any laws prohibiting white lights. You should be fine as long as the light doesn't create a glare that could impair other drivers.

What percent of public highway rail grade crossings use flashing lights?


How do you use meteor in a sentence?

meteors make flashing lights when meteroids hit earth. 0_o

Can you have blue led accent lights on motorcycles in TN?

No. The light law in Tennessee (TCA 55-9-402) says (in part) that only authorized law enforcement vehicles can use red, whit and blue lights in combination. It doesn't say anything about lights having to be flashing. Since tail lights are red and headlights are white, any blue lights would be illegal.

What color lights do volunteer firefighters use on their personal vehicles in Texas?

The upper most outer lights have to be red.

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