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Q: What type of road surface would be safest if in wet conditions?
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What type of road surface would be safest In wet conditions?


What type of road would be safest in wet conditions?


What road surface is safest for motorist?


What is the safest type of road surface?

Paved roads with good maintenance and proper drainage are generally considered the safest type of road surface for everyday driving. Asphalt and concrete surfaces offer good traction and visibility in various weather conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

Why is the surface of automobile tyers rough?

The treads cut into the surface of vehicle tyres are designed to push aside water on the road surface, and to increase the tyre's grip on the road.

What is The safest type of road for entering a curve?

Banked road.

Why do you have tread on wheels?

To grip the road surface. You need tread especially in wet conditions.

When the sun goes down at night which do you think would cool faster a black road surface or surface of a lake?

The road would cool fastest.

What road conditions will cause friction to reduce?

Wet or icy road conditions can cause friction to reduce because surfaces become slippery, reducing the ability of tires to grip the road. Additionally, oil spills or loose gravel on the road can also decrease friction between the tires and the road surface.

What is the safest and most economical minivan on the road?


If you sharing the road with suspected impaired driver, it is safest to be?


What is the meaning of slippery road?

A slippery road refers to a road surface that is smooth and offers less traction for vehicles due to wet conditions, ice, snow, oil spills, or loose gravel. This can increase the risk of accidents as vehicles may have difficulty maintaining grip and control on the road. Drivers should exercise caution and adjust their driving behavior when encountering slippery road conditions.