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Each DMV will have different questions on the permit test. The questions will ask about DUI's, sign meanings, and how to drive in bad weather such as ice.

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Q: What type of question do they have on the permit test?
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What would be a sample question from a standard motorcycle permit test?

A great sample question from a standard motorcycle test is when starting your motorcycle on an uphill incline, what should a motorcyclist avoid? The correct answer is stalling or rolling backwards. That is an example of a question one may expect on a motorcycle permit test.

How many questions in VA are on the permit test?

There are 25 that you have to take on the test and I believe they are randomly polled from 500 question

What are the question on the permit test?

It does depend but your states DMV site should have a practice test that you cam take and see what some of the questions will be

Is it true of you use your practice permit test to get your permit and if you show them yes or no?

Your question is not entirely clear. it is true you test to get a learner's permit and that makes it legal for you to practice until you feel you can drive well enough to pass the driving test but some states also have mandatory driving school. Look at your state's site.

What percentage do you need to have to pass Oregon permit test?

They have 35 total question and you must answer 28 of them. Which is 80%

What websites have a sample driving permit test?

Sample driving permits are generally available by state. The following website offers a generic type of a sample driving permit test:

Where can I found out about the price of a DMV permit test?

To find the cost of a DMV Permit test, one needs to go to the site of your state's DMV. Just type in the name of your state and DMV. You will find all the information you need.

What the defrint betwean the driver and permit test?

depending on what state you are in you take a written test for the permit and the driving on the driving test.

Where can my child practice the permit test?

There are many places to practice taking a driving permit test. You can try to get a free driving permit tst.

What happens if you fail your driving test 3 times I understand that you need to take the permit test again but after taking it does it renew your permit?

The permit expiration date is on the front of the permit.

What are the answers to the driving test?

Most of the permit test questions are covered in the driver's manual, but if you are looking for a permit test answer cheat sheet, you can find it here - Good luck with your test :-)

To do entry permit test to work London Underground?

where can i register for permit test to work London underground