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Since your regular car insurance will probably not cover it, you will most likely need to purchase insurance from whomever you are renting the moving truck with.

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Q: What type of insurance does one need for renting a moving truck?
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Moving Truck Rental ?

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Can you get insurance for your own moving truck rental business?

You can and you actually need to.

When renting from a church do you need liability insurance?


What website's shopping advice would enable me to make a decision on local moving companies?

Two men and a truck is a very reliable moving company. They provide enjoyable service at at an affordable price for you. If you only need a truck and not really moving men, then renting a truck from Uhaul or penske is most likely the best way to go.

Do I need insurance for a Bus Rental ?

The company you are renting the bus from should have the insurance. You do not need to purchase insurance from a separate company.

How To Save Money On Your Next Moving Truck Rental?

Whether you are moving belongings into storage or simply relocating, renting a moving truck can make a move easier and more convenient. In the case that personal belongings need to be transported over a long distance, a moving truck may be the only practical option. While renting a moving truck may be the only practical option for long distances moves, many people are wary of such rentals due to high prices. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the price of a moving truck rental and ensure a pleasant and affordable move. Three Tips For An Affordable Moving Truck Rental 1. Before deciding on a company from which to rent a moving truck, it is important to compare prices from a variety of different companies. While certain companies may have the greatest name recognition, they may not have the best prices or customer service. For this reason, it is important to familiarize oneself with available rental companies, prices, and overall customer satisfaction associated with such companies before making a decision. 2. When renting a moving truck, first get a good idea of the items that will need to be transported. Once you are aware of the items, then you may make an educated estimate as to the size of the truck that will be required to transport the items. Rental companies will offer a range of prices according to the style and size of the truck required to do the job. To ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, it is important that an adequate sized truck is rented to complete the move. 3. It may be possible to save money by personally driving the moving truck. When preparing to drive a moving truck, ask the rental company for any specific driving instructions or tips that they may have. Also, check with your insurance company to be sure that an accident in a moving truck would be covered under your insurance policy. While driving a moving truck is a quite a bit more difficult than driving a smaller car, it can be a great way to save additional money on a moving truck rental.

Rent an Unlimited Milage Truck?

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Do I need special insurance to operate truck trailers?

If you are operating a commercial semi-truck, then you need truck insurance which can be provided by insurance companies such as progressive. Progressive has insurance for all types of trucks and has many coverage options.

What type of insurance do you need to drive a dump truck?

To drive a dump truck the type of insurance you're going to need is commercial truck insurance. But you're also going to need a special license to drive a dump truck as well. Call your insurance provider and they can probably give you more information.

Do I need to purchase rental car insurance when renting a car in Georgia?

It is best to call your current insurance company and ask them if they will cover you while renting a car. If not then you can purchase temporary insurance which will cover you while you drive your rental.

Move Smart, Rent Smart- Truck Rentals?

When it is time to move and you have a lot of furniture and other household items, you need to consider renting a moving truck. There are many things you will need to consider when renting a moving truck. First, you may want to consider getting the biggest truck possible. Try to move your entire household at once to save on gas and mileage charges. If you make multiple trips, this could cost you time and extra money on gas and mileage, as many rental companies will charge you a daily rate for the truck and any mileage used. If you are moving a great distance, many moving companies will charge a lot more for a one-way trip because it will cost them time and money to get their truck back to the original location. Before you pay the higher fee, calculate the gas and mileage it would take to bring the truck back. If you have time and it's cheaper, then consider bringing the truck back yourself and save some money. You also may want to consider getting yourself all of the necessary extras that come with renting a truck. Consider purchasing insurance, as you never know what could happen when you are driving; but, before paying the small additional charge for insurance, check with your own auto insurance provider to see if you are not already covered. Most insurance companies have this protection already included in their comprehensive coverage packages that you carry for your auto policy. Be sure to get plenty of moving blankets to avoid scratching any furniture and use a furniture dolly for easier and faster moving. Also make sure to purchase plenty of boxes for all of your loose items. Most moving companies will allow you to bring back any extras for a full refund. Although most moving trucks do come with a ramp for easy loading, be sure to ask the company if your moving truck comes with one. Any time you are moving, it is always a good idea to get plenty of help to make your moving experience less of a chore. Be sure to recruit plenty of friends on the day of the big move.

Do you need car insurance if you rent a truck?

You do not need car insurance if you rent a truck but, you should have some sort of insurance. If you get hit or cause any damage you will be liable to pay money. There are many rental truck insurance options. If you go with Budget there is a variety of insurance options to choose from.