What type of engine used in two wheelers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its two stroke ngine

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Q: What type of engine used in two wheelers?
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Why diesel not used in two wheelers?

there are some 2 wheelers with diesel engine

Where 2 stroke diesel and petrol engine used?

two stroke diesel engine is used in cargo ships as cross head type engines, two stroke petrol engines used in two wheelers.

What type of governor is used in two wheelers?

Most likely a restrictor plate

Is governor used in two wheelers?

No, not very often.

Should minors be give two wheelers to drive?

no minors should not be given two wheelers to drive

Will two four wheelers fit on a 5x10 trailer?

Depends on the dimensions of your 4 wheelers

What type of motor is used in a trimmer?

Engine, not motor. It'll typically be a two stroke engine with one or two cylinders.

What is the difference between two stroke and four stroke engines in two wheelers?

The difference between 2stroke engines and 4-stroke engines are pretty much the same regardless of where the engine is used. To read about it, check out the related question below.

How many cylinder is used in two wheeler?

Depends!!In fact, most of the two wheelers have single cylinder engine but some, like Harley Davidson V3 heart has double cylinder engine which consume space and seems bulky.Some bikes may have two exhaust pipes coming-out from the same cylinder, seems like having two cylinders.

Why is DTSi technology used in two wheelers?

to start bike early in cold environment i.e. in winter season.

General Insurance?

General motor insurance plans for four-wheelers and two-wheelers by Shriram General Insurance

Why four stroke engines used in two wheelers instead of two stroke?

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