What type of car is the batmobile?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is made out of bats. Many of them. BATmobile.

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Q: What type of car is the batmobile?
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Was the MonkeeMobile built from the same type of car as the BatMobile?

No, the Monkee Mobile was built from a Pontiac GTO the Batmobile in the TV series was built from a Lincoln Futura concept car. The movie car was built on a Chevrolet Impala chassis.

In Batman the movie directed by Tim Burton The batmobile used the frame of which type of car?


Where can one purchase a car which looks like the Batmobile?

Someone would be able to purchase a car that looks like the 'Batmobile' by going to a car specialist who would be able to make a unique 'Batmobile' kind of car. Another way would be to go to a website called Firebox which has a replica 'Batmobile' for sale.

What is the batmobile?

it is the car batman drives

What was the best car in 1928?

The batmobile

Is Batman a car?

No he is a bat/man BY AP1 The batmobile is a car

What is the most photographed car in the world?


What car first used disc brakes?

the batmobile

Is the Batman car real?

Yes, it's called "The Batmobile"

Where to find the batmobile car in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

You cannot find batmobile in the unmodified version of GTA Vice City.You first need a modified version and then you will find batmobile on roads.

When was the Batman car originally introduced to television?

The original Batman car, the Batmobile, was originally introduced to television viewers in the year 1965. The Batmobile was introduced on the TV show Batman & Robin.

What is batmobile cheats in gta vice city PC?

There is no cheat code for batmobile. You should install a mod in GTA Vice City to get the bat mobile. You are replace the texture of one car with batmobile. Like if you change texture of police car with batmobile texture then police cars will look like bat mobiles.