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Just the output shaft of the transmission.

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Q: What transmission components are splined to the main shaft?
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What are the main components that make up a helicopter?

Main rotor, tail rotor, drive shaft, engine and transmission, tail boom, cockpit and landing gear

Where is the pilot bearing located on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer?

Research indicates that there is no pilot bearing in the 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. On some front wheel drives the clutch disk is splined to the main shaft which has two bearings in the transmission case. No pilot bearing is necessary.

What moves the a cars transmission?

The main shaft of the engine turns the flywheel, which turns the transmission.

What moves the cars transmission?

The main shaft of the engine turns the flywheel, which turns the transmission.

What is a main shaft in a manual transmission?

Most 3 speed manual transmissions without overdrive have 2 shafts, a mainshaft and a counter shaft or ( jackshaft). The main shaft is the shaft that the drive shaft is coupled to by a universal joint at the output of the transmission. When the transmission is in 3rd gear the output of the transmission is the same RPMs as the engine or the input of the transmission. So in 3rd gear or 4th gear in a 4 speed the mainshaft becomes as one from the input from the clutch to the output to the driveshaft

What are the main components of a motor?

1. Pistons 2.Cam shaft 3. Crank shaft 4. Engine walls

What are three main driveline components that are added to a rwd vehicle to make it a 4wd vehicle?

Three main components are a transfer case, front drive shaft, and a front differential.

Would a bad rear main seal leak transmission fluid?

No a rear main seal is the rear seal on the crank shaft of the engine. That portion of the engine is wear the crank shaft connects to the clutch and pressure plate (manual transmission) or where it connects to the torque convertor automatic transmission.

Where is the Rear main seal at?

The rear main seal is located on the moter between the transmission you have to pull motor or trans to change it the seel is on that shaft that slides into the transmission saft

Leaking rear main seal on a 2000 voyager?

The rear main is on the end of the crank shaft. The transmission and flywheel have to be removed to service.

What is the difference between an engine service and a transmission service?

In engine service :The Engine and Its components are well Maintained like, Checking of Piston, piston ring, gasket, Engine oil, crank shaft, cam shaft, timing belt chain ( which Operating the valve mechanism) , Fuel injector pump ( F.I pump), Spark plug, pistonpin, Cylinder liner, etc must be checked in brief Engine service ....nowIN transmission service :Transmission mechanism are maintained. In transmission system include ..Gear Box, Clutch, Transmission shaft, Differential, axle in service The components may be Troubleshoot ..In gear there is 5 to 6 sub types of gearand Clutch has 2 main types and each has 3 sub types ..

What kind of threads are on the main shaft nut Left or right hand?

On all Harleys the transmission mainshaft has lefthand threads. The motor's sprocket shaft has righthand threads.