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Service or replace the engine. A vehicle does not emit much smoke if it is in good condition and running properly.

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Q: What to do to prevent pollution produces by smoke belching vehicle?
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Ways to prevent vehicular pollution?

Keep the vehicle tuned up and in good working order. A clogged air filter or worn spark plugs can cause unnecessary pollution.

What can you do to prevent pollution in an area?

Secondary pollution occurs when primary forms of air pollution, such as vehicle exhaust and factory emissions, interact with each other to form new kinds of pollution. Acid rain, for instance, is a form of secondary air pollution. If you prevent primary pollutants from getting into the atmosphere, you eliminate the ingredients necessary for secondary pollution to occur, thereby creating the secondary effect that these additional pollutants do not form in the first place.

Vehicle emissions devices incorporate a chemical reaction to help control carbon monoxide pollution What effect does adding a catalyst have for this reaction?

It produces more carbon monoxide.

What is a no pollution vehicle?


How do you avoid vehichular pollution?

dont use a vehicle dont use a vehicle

Which vehicle does not cause atmosperic pollution?

A vehicle that drives on solar power.

What is the effect of vehicle pollution on humans and environment?

The vehicle pollution effect on humans is that it effects their lungs which is dangerous for their lives.The vehicle pollution pollution will have 2 be checked atleast once a year,so that the pollution given out by the vehicle is decreased.It also effects the environment coz the bad air is not good for the trees either because they may become weak and eventually die.And thus like this there wont be any trees left.Therefore it is important to check the pollution emitted by the vehicle and control it.As it is importan to preserve all this for the future generations also.

Is vehicle emissions the worst of all air pollutions?

Housing produces more pollution then do automobiles. They are the worst polluters. Coversing resources, removing air conditioners and living a more energy efficient life style would do more good then making better autos, as far as pollution goes.

What kind of pollution does New York have?

Well, I kinda don't know what you mean but I will try my best. In New york there is: *vehicle pollution * factory pollution * Cigarette and cigar pollution *Boat pollution * Litter * Sewer pollution (pollutes our Oceans)

What is the brief meaning of vehicular pollution?

part of it is exhaust (pollution) put into the air (environment) from a vehicle (car,truck,bus).

What produces the power for the vehicle?

an internal combustion engine

What is the largest source of human caused air pollution?

Vehicle Exhaust