What to do if your car key broke in half?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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get a new key

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Q: What to do if your car key broke in half?
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Can a car key that broke in 2 be replaced cheep?


Where could I get a car key replacement?

I hope the key is not broke inside of the ignition. If it is you will need more than a key replacement. But to have your key replaced all you need to do is find a local hardware store. Even with just the broke key they can do a replacement.

You were unlocking a doorknob and the key broke in half so now half the key is stuck in the door what should you do?

Take the doorknob off and take it to a locksmith, or if you do not know how to do that, call a locksmith.

How do you turn on a key on to the acc position on a 1990 Toyota celica if the key broke off?

The key to my ignition broke off in the ignition. Luckily, I was able to insert the remainder of the key in the ignition and turn on my car. In order to fix the problem, I had to take my car to the dealer and I am pretty sure they removed it and installed a new ignition "key hole" keyed to my car. It is a 1990, and I believe the problem happened approx 1993?

Would a faulty crankshaft cause your car to not start?

Only if it was broke in half and that is very doubtful.

Do copied car keys start the car?

Copied car keys are aren't easy to be copied and you will have a hard time starting a car if you have that copied car key since that key is very thin, it can easily broke and it's bigger than a normal keys at home.



In my 1995 ford thunderbird i put my igition key in and started my car and now the car wont shut down the key comes out and the car keeps running i have to pull a fuse and disconnect the battery?

the key switch in the steering column has gone bad and has a part inside of it that is probably broke.

What do you do when your car key breaks in half?

I have two things to say about that, first of all, you car key is very hard to break, but if that DOES ever happen to you, get your car manual and call the warranty number, if there is one.

What is the going rate to have a car key made if you key is broken?

It costs anywhere from 10-50 dollars to have a key made. When I broke the key to my VW bug it cost me 150 dollars to get a new one, it depends on the type of key.

Car key broke off in door how do you fix the lock?

Your gonna have to call a tow truck or insurance company to get you in the car. You will have to have to replace the whole lock mechanism.

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