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Immediately pull off the road and stop. Set the parking brake on your car. Use the jack to jack up the car and change the flat tire to the spare. If you are unable to accomplish this call for help.

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Q: What to do if you get a flat tire while driving?
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What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

Why do your tires squeak while driving?

That usually means they are becoming flat. Also it could be something on your tire. Take it in and have it looked at.

What are the causes of tire cupping?

A tire cupping can be caused by tread being lost. A tire cupping means that it should be replaced as soon as possible. You do not want a cupping tire to be used while you are driving. Air can escape and cause a flat.

Car sounds like it has a flat tire?

Check it. If flat, replace. If not, keep driving till it does.

What causes my 99' escort zx2 to make a thumping sound like a flat tire while driving?

The tire itself may be bad, with a flat spot (no tread) or bulge. Also, a wheel that is badly out of balance can thump at some speeds.

What would cause a sound like a flat tire while driving if the tire is not flat?

Two things could cause the tire to make a noise sounding like a flat tire even though the tire is fully inflated. First, if the tire has a big enough flat spot on the tread surface and second if the radial plies in the tire have separated letting air between the belts causing patches of the tread surface to bulge.Answeri test drove a geo that had loose lug nits on it that made a noise like that

If a car tire is flat but only on the bottom can you turn the tire over and keep driving?

Of course you can, if you are a total nutcase...

How far can you run on a flat tire?

Maybe a mile or 2 to get you to a place you can get a spare. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the wheel and possibly the drum and brakes. If you must drive on a flat tire, drive very slow and stop if the tire comes off the rim.

What is flat mean in spanish?

If you mean flat as in flat tire... that would be desinflada while the whole word for flat tire is la llanta desinflada. If you mean 'apartment' - piso

What kind of tire would you use while driving on ice?

Studded snow tire.

What is something you'd hate to have happen while driving a new car home?

crash, Flat Tire, break down, rain, run out of gas, speeding ticket, scratch it

What did you do when you discovered you had a flat tire?

The first thing to do is pull over immediately in a safe place if you are driving. You should then get out your car jack and spare tire and change the flat. It's always good to keep a can of Fix A Flat with you also for quick fixes.