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Turn it into your insurance company first. Your insurance should handle everything.

The way it usually works is his car is supposed to be insured so contact the "borrowed" cars owner and see if the driver is covered, if not the borrowed cars owners insurance may not pay and the owner will be liable for the cost of repairs, etc.

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Q: What to do if the person that hit my car was driving a borrowed car?
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Whose insurance would cover a parking lot hit and run if the car was borrowed?

The person that the vehicle belongs to.

What happens if the car is fully insured but the driver is not and the car is hit and totaled?

The person who hit the car, if "at fault" would be responsible. If the person driving your car was the one at fault, then it would be your insurance that would have to cover it.

If the person driving have no driver license. will the insurance pay for it?

If what person is driving the person that was hit or the person that hit?

Who is liable if someone else borrowed your car and hit another car and you don't have insurance?

You both are.

What do you do if you hit a car in a dealer's lot?

If you are driving their car and hit their car, then their insurance will pay for the damage on both cars. If you are driving your car and hit their car, then your insurance will pay for the damage on both cars.

What happens when you get hit by a person without license but the car has insurance?

If you have car insurance ,police will never stop you even if you dont have driving license.

Who is at fault if car 1 pulls out of a parking space into another car driving down the lane?

If you are pulling out and hit the other are. Person in the lane has the right of way.

Is it a federal offense to hit a mailbox with your car by accident?

Not exactly. If you do it on purpose then yes. But if you accidentally hit a mailbox with your car, don't keep driving get out and tell the person who it belongs to so that you wont get in trouble.

Can you be charged if you hit another car and kill the person with manslaughter?

Possibly. It depends on the circumstances. If you were driving drunk, then definitely yes.

Can my son's estate be sued by the person driving the car he hit?

Yes, the estate can be sued. It would be a claim against the estate.

Who is at fault if you hit a car reversing out of your drive?

You are! For not being cautious when reversing on to a road. You should make sure that it is safe and clear when reversing, if you hit another car it is your fault and not the person that is driving on the roads fault.

Who is at fault if a parked car backs out and hits you as you're driving past?

It is the fault of the person backing out. You have the right-of-way if you are driving in a usual and safe manor. The person who hit you should be cited for "backing without caution".