What the problem about po401?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The code means EGR Insufficient Flow. This does NOT necessarily mean that the EGR needs to be replaced, but there is a problem with it. Take it to a respectable mechanic and have your car tested. Only a service professional who is inspecting your car will know what exactly needs to be replaced.

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Q: What the problem about po401?
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What is code PO401 on 2003 Hyundai?

PO401 indicates an abnormal EGR flow.

What is po401?

You lucked out-it's just a bad egr valve.

What is wrong when yo get a po401 code?

i got the code 401 for 2005 mitsubishi galant?

What is a code PO401 for a Mazda Protege engine?

exhaust gas recirculation flow insuficient

What is code po401 on a Toyota Previa mean?

exhaust gas recirculation flow insuffcent detected

Egr insufficent flow?

2001 ford windstar has code PO401 erg insufficent flow.

How do you fix P0401 on a 01 Ford Focus?

po401 mean Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected.

What do the codes po401 and po402 mean on a 1997 Ford explorer?

P0401 - EGR flow insufficient , P0402 EGR flow excessive

What are codes po403 and po401?

after washing my car i had a engine light the code was 403 exhaust recirculation control circuit malfunction can you help thanks

What should you do changed egr valve turned off engine light but code po401 returns please help it is a 1998 Monte Carlo?

i need to no what kind of car if it is a ford change tube and check intake hole under egr Yoah, Rob, it's a 1998 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo, says so in the question. A PO401 code doesn't usually mean there is a malfunction in the EGR valve. It often means there is an electrical problem with the EGR to PCM circuit or other sensors. If you have a scanner you can run a complete diagnostic yourself. If not, you will need a garage or dealer to run it for you.

Why does the engine light keep coming on indicating code PO401 in a 2000 Mazda protege?

Trouble code P0401 means:Exhaust gas recirculation-insufficient flow detected

What is code p0440 and po401 on 1999 cutlass olds?

Generic codes P0440 Evaporative emission system malfunction P0401 Exhaust gas recirculation system Insufficient flow detected.