What takes more acceleration a bus or car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Probably a bus because it has a greater mass. But its kinetic energy will be greater once acceleration is achieved.

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Q: What takes more acceleration a bus or car?
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How many mins is takes to reach 00.20 miles in the car?

The answer depends on the car's acceleration which depends on its engine.

How many miles by car or bus from Dallas to Indianapolis?

875-900 depending on which route you (or the bus) takes.

Distance from mellieha to valletta?

By bus it takes approximately an hour. By car more or less 30-45 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Are there more people on the bus then in cars in America?

there are more people on a bus then in a car in the USA because the USA is populated with lots of people and plus a car is little space and a bus is more

What is the acceleration experienced by a car that takes 10 seconds to reach 27 meters per seconds from rest?

velocity = acceleration x time 27 = acceleration x 10 acceleration = 2.7 m/sec/sec

How does friction decrease the acceleration of a car?

friction decreases the acceleration of a car by creating a greater force which pushes against the acceleration force. the friction is a force, but more of it means that whatever is pushing against it ( acceleration in this case) is made smaller.

Is traveling in a bus economic travel?

Yes it basically is because it takes a bunch of kids into 1 car or bus, instead of 16 cars

Is a bus a car?

A bus isn't a car, because cars need less gas and buses need LOTS OF MORE GAS

What is the accelaration of a car that goes from 45 to 55 kmh?

Acceleration is the change in velocity divided by time. You need to know how long this takes to solve the problem to determine acceleration

Why does weight slow down a car?

The foundation of physics is Newton's equation, force equals mass times acceleration. Hence, for a given amount of force, more mass equals less acceleration. Or in other words, it takes force to move a weight. The more weight you are trying to move, the more force you need.

How many minutes takes the car to get 35 miles per hours?

not enough information to answer, we need the acceleration rate

What would need to happen for a car to have the same momentum as a school bus?

The car would need to have more velocity than the school bus.