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Anything with greater mass (weight) than that car.

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Q: What take longer to stop than a car traveling at same speed?
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Do large trucks take longer to stop than a car traveling at the same speed?

Yes. Because the truck is heavier.

When traveling downhill it takes longer to stop?


How much farther stopping distance does a tractor-trailer truck traveling at 55 mph will typically need compared to an automobile traveling at the same speed?

h w many feet will it stop in

How does the speed an object is travling at affect its stopping disstance?

An object's stopping distance is proportional to its speed, mass, and the force applied to slow it down.A car is the best example of this:Speed: The faster the car is moving, the further it takes to stop (given a car of the same weight, and the same force is applied on the brakes)Mass: If the car was carrying a thousand pounds of bricks it would take longer to stop (given the same speed, and the same force applied on the brakes).Force: If you lightly press the brakes, you will take longer to stop than if you slam on them (given the same speed, and same car mass)

If your traveling at 60 km drunk how long does it take to stop?

Much longer than if you were sober.

Will it take longer for a train or a car traveling at 100 miles per hour to stop?

A train

What makes a bowling ball harder to stop than a soccer ball when they are both traveling at the same speed?

The bowling ball is harder to stop because it has a greater mass, and therefore a greater momentum. But the answer is that the bowling ball has a greater mass.

Can a car stop faster then a motorcycle?

Assuming the car and the bike are both traveling at the same speed and both have new brakes. The bike will stop faster than the car due to less momentum. Car is heavier, harder to get going fast, harder to stop fast.

How long does it take a car to stop while traveling at a speed of 55 mph?

It depends on the condition of the brakes and the road.

How long to drive 1517.61 kilometers?

you need the speed you will be traveling at: example if you are traveling at 100 Km/h you divide distance (1517.61) by speed (100Km/h) = Time 15.1761 hrs (assuming no stops for fuel or breaks). d/s=t d=distance, s=speed, t=time. If you have to stop for fuel or breaks then just add for the time you stop.

When a school bus stop to unload children on a divided highway should the vehicles traveling in the same direction as the bus stop?

Yes, you should stop.

A car and a bus are moving with same kinetic energy When an equal retarding force F is applied to both the cars what will stop first?

The car with the lower mass will be able to stop in a shorter amount of time than the car with the greater mass, if the two cars are traveling at the same speed.