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The most common symptoms of whiplash that usually develop in the first 24 hours after an accident are as follows : neck soreness and stiffness, headaches usually at the base of the skull and shoulder pain.

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Q: What symptoms of whiplash might be evident after a car accident?
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What situations it might be dangerous to give first aid?

in a motor vehicle or tramatic accident. Trauma may lead to whiplash which may prove fatal when unprofessional 1st aid is rendered

What is the average payout for whiplash?

The amount you might be paid due to a whiplash injury in a car crash can depend on various factors. The average payout in the UK is around £6,500.

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I had a car accident in Jan 2006 where I got whiplash and claimed on my car insurance for the damages however 4 yrs on your later my neck and shoulders are so weak I went chiropracter can i reclaim?

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One might be required to fill out an accident claim form if one has had a car accident and wishes to claim costs of repairing the vehicle from one's insurance. After an accident both sides should fill in their own forms.

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