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2004 Acura MDX and there is also a 3rd row that can fold down for extra storage or use for 2 add'l passengers.

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Q: What suv's trucks or minivans fit three car seats across the second row?
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Are used minivans a better value than new minivans?

Used minivans can be a great value since they'll differ barely any from a new minivan, however, there can be some downsides, such as dirty seats or faulty parts.

How many minivans are needed for 57 girls and 61 boys if each minivan seats 8 students?

You need 15 minivans. 14 of them are full, and one has two empty seats. If the children are allowed to mix then the number of minivans will be 15 because 57+61 =118 children 118 / 8 = 14rem.6

Do cars have integrated car seats?

Yes, some do. Mercedes had some and some MiniVans do to.

What trucks have 5 seats?

trucks with extended cabs

Does the Honda Pilot have three rows of seats?

Yes! Seats 8 , though the last row is somewhat more cramped than most minivans.

What minivans can do?

carry about 7 people hypnotize 5 people in the back seats with movies on screens tow around 4,000 pounds

Are bench seats more common in cars or trucks?

Bench seats are way more common in trucks. There is more room inside the car and trucks are made for more people to be sitting down so benches often are built in them.

When were trucks invented?

trucks were not invented, rather, people removed the back seats from their cars and replaced them with wooden boxlike structures to carry goods, manufacturers began selling gars with seats in the front and an exposed chassis in the back to accommodate for this

Are the seats for a 1987 bread truck the same as other GMC trucks?


How many people can fit in a full sized truck?

It depends on the truck and how big it is. Most trucks just have one bench seat (for maybe 3 people) or two bucket seats (for two). Some have twin cabs where they have a second row of seats.

Harley-Davidson ford trucks have serial numbers or vin numbers on their seats?

Not On The Seats. The Serial Number Is On The Floor Console Just Under The Dash.

Who makes 8 passenger minivans?

The only minivans on the market with room for 8-passengers are the Toyota Sienna, the Honda Odyssey, and the Kia Sedona.Toyota SiennaThe Sienna features three separate seats across in the second row, any one of which can be removed as needed. The seats are each wide enough for a carseat making it possible to have three carseats in the second row, an option very difficult in most minivans. If you remove the center seat the aisle to pass back to the third row is roomy enough for an adult to not bash their hips getting by.Honda OdysseyOffers an 8-seat option but the center seat is very narrow and does not have LATCH. If you take it out, you are still left with only a narrow access to the third row seat, which can be obnoxious for adults who have to climb back there and help kids buckle seats.Kia SedonaKia is the cheapest 8-passenger minivan option. The center seat is narrower like the Odyssay.Past models that offered 8-seat options: Chevy Venture& Pontiac Montana. The Montana offered 8 seat configuration, which consisted of a bench seat in the second and third rows. The Venture had a second row arrangement of three bucket seats that could all be removed for different configurations. The only problem was the middle bucket seat had no shoulder belt making it impossible to seat three kids in booster seats in the second row.If you don't want to be limited to these options, there are several other SUV/Crossovers with the ability to seat 8 for you to compare:Honda PilotToyota Highlander or Sequoia or Land CruiserLexus LX 570Ford ExpeditionLincoln Navigator LChevrolet Tahoe or Suburban or TraverseGMC Acadia or YukonCadillac EscaladeBuick EnclaveInfiniti QX80Nissan Armada and Pathfinder(This is not a comprehensive list)