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Appoint a designated driver.

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Q: What steps should a person take if he or she wishes to make a responsible decision about alcohol?
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What action should you not take if friends do not accept your decision to abstain from alcohol?

apologize to them

Who should be allowed to have a cell phone?

A responsible person

How do you decide if you should be someone's girlfriend?

That is a decision that you both need to talk about. Because this is a two person decision.

Who is ethically responsible for disease prevention?

Each person should be.

Why should you have a CEO?

The CEO is the top person in the company, ultimately responsible for it.

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Responsible person on shore.

Who should be held responsible for injuries or deaths at a rock concert?

The person that went should....because he or she is taking a risk.....or the person should get a crazy check

Is a bartender liable for patrons who fight and injuries that occur from overserving individuals?

Is the waiter or cook responsible when people over consume food? Should they be sued if you develop problems from obesity? To answer your question; presumably the person/people in question were of age and legally asked for and were served alcohol by an employee of an establishment that serves alcohol. If that is indeed the case, it seems doubtful to me that they can be held responsible for what the patrons choose to do, drunk or not.

What factors make a good decision maker?

First and foremost, the person must have a well-formed conscience, one that has been grounded well to the persons faith and laws. Second, that person must know when to implement his decision. It's called timing. That person should always be impartial in decision making. Last but not the least, that person should have a compassionate heart.

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The short, and most applicable answer, is Everybody - every Employee. There should be an appointed person, ask any Manager who is the person responsible

Is a non-alcohol pre-procedural rinse indicated for alcoholic person?

Alcoholics should avoid oral application of alcohol.

If a person is pressured to drink alcohol at a party?

They should politely say "No thank you."