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You will need to sell your car and then do a legal transfer of the title.

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Q: What steps need to be taken to legally sell my car?
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What steps must be taken to sell a car on webuyanycar?

To sell a car on webuyanycar, a car needs a listing.

What would you have to do to sell a film you made if you own the copyright what would you need to do to sell it legally?

figure it out your self

Your car was taken without your permission while you were in jail and then got impounded the does the tow company need to inform you before they sell your car?

there is a certain period of time they have to hold on to it depending on state laws, for you to retrieve your vehicle. after that they may legally sell it without contacting you.

Do auto dealers need to have a license to sell vehicles?

Yes, auto dealers do need to have a license to sell vehicles to the public. They cannot sell vehicles legally without being licensed by the state they are in.

What steps can be taken to avoid the legal process of distraint?

Steps that can be taken to avoid the legal process of distraint is to pay the rent every month without elapsing on payment. When several payments are missed, the landlord can seize property to sell for payment of the missed rent.

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Can you sell a car without a title?

Legally, NO! You can sell the vehicle to anyone if the vehicle is over 10 years old and you sell it for parts only, but if the buyer wants to drive the vehicle, they will need a title.

Do I need to get permission to sell some else's product on my website?

Not if you are selling it as that product. If you obtained it legally, you can sell it legally. You may be required to have a business license in your state. Some companies retain the rights on items, particularly franchised items, like Disney or NFL. You do not want to cross them!

Can you legally sell your giraffe skin coat?


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Legally, none.

If you sell your car to someone with a suspended license are you responsible if that person gets into an accident?

If the person is legally an adult then no, they should have known better then to drive without a licence. Person does not need a licence for you to sell them a car.