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Hand to hand

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Q: What steering technique is best suited for maintaining vehicle balance?
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What steering method is recommended to maintain vehicle balance?

hand over hand

Why does the steering shake on my 2003 Ford Focus zx3?

Most shaking in the steering wheel on ANY vehicle is caused by balance problems. The tire can be out of balance, the wheel can be bent or the axle (half-shaft) can be damaged and out of balance.

If your vehicle has a standard (non-ABS) braking system you must pump the brakes while maintaining control of the vehicle to stop.?

If you want to maintain your steering, yes.

What are The symptoms of a wheel that is out of balance?

A shake in the steering wheel or car itself which occurs and/or increases as vehicle speed increases.

How can you tell whether the front wheels are out of balance?

Most of the time if the steering wheel shakes, the balance issue is in the front. if you feel it shake in the seat, that usually means the rear. However in the instance that the tires are far out of balance no matter where. it can shake the whole vehicle. but the steering wheel and seat rule is a good place to start.

Shaky steering wheel on the left side of the vehicle after front balance completion?

bad balancing, improper lug nut torque, that's if it wasnt there before

Why does your steering jerk from side to side?

It depends on the type of vehicle and the steering system that it has. If the vehicle has rack and pinion steering, it may be a bad rack and pinion. If the vehicle has a steering gear, like most older cars of pickup trucks, It could have a bad steering gear.

What are the benefits of maintaining your vehicle?

Safety and dependability are the benefits of maintaining your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle well-maintained reduces your chances of breaking down 'in the middle of nowhere,' far from help.

What is the steering technique best suited for limited space manuever?

Wikipedia states that gyroscopes are used to rotationally align a small craft, and then thrust is applied at the rear of the vehicle to propel it forward.

If you paid the remaining balance and recovered your vehicle but the repo man busted the steering column can you get the lender to cover the repair?

IF the lender wont get it fixed asap. call a local attorney.

How does the vehicle turns?

steering the wheel

How do know i need my tires balanced?

If you feel any vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel or if you feel the same things in the vehicle you have a tire out of balance. As you need to rotate your tires at least every 10,000 miles that is a good time to have the tire balance checked.