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Q: What states require a right to cure letter after repossession?
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When a car is repossessed is the owner supposed to have been given a right to cure letter first?

Depends on which state you live in. Most states do not require a Right to Cure letter prior to repossession but a few of the states do.

Can a car go through repossession without sending a right to cure-default notice?

The majority of states allow for a repossession as long as there is no "breach of the peace." There are a few states that require a Right to Cure letter being sent out roughly 20 days prior to a repossession. You need to check your state law.

Do you have a right to have a repossession letter before my vehicle is repossessed?


How much time do you have before your car is repossessed?

Depends on the contract you signed and the state that you live in. Some states require a 15 or 20 day Right to Cure letter be sent to the debtor prior to repossession and some states allow the vehicle to be repossessed the day after you miss your payment.

What are the laws for a personal car repossession when the buying party has defaulted and the title is still in your name?

The laws vary by state. ALL states require that there is NO BREACH OF PEACE in a "self-help" repo. There are some states that require written notice of "right to cure" before repo can occur. Email me if you decide what state you are in. LOL

What can you do about a repossession if you only owed 717 dollars and you were never contacted about the repossession?

Pay the money. You don't have to be contacted about the repossession; you are aware of the terms of your loan in your contract. If you're behind, pay what you owe so you can get the vehicle back. * The amount owed is not relevant. The following states require "right to cure" notification before repossession action can be taken: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachuetts, Missouri, South Carolina and West Virginia and Wisconsin (replevin order required).

Is there a letter or some notification a lender has to send the borrower to notify them of repossession?

Many states require a "Right to Cure and Notice of Intent to Repossess". This letter is sent if a lender accepts two or more late payments. States justify this because the lender is said to have accepted a different course of dealing than was outlined in the contract. The letter demands the customer return to the original terms of the contract and pay their total amount due within a period of days (usually 10). Requirements also varry based on lease or retail contracts. Some states off hand that do not require "cures": Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan.

Does Virginia require a right to cure notice before a car an be repossessed?

Yes, in Virginia, the lender is required to provide a right to cure notice before repossessing a vehicle. This notice must inform the borrower of the opportunity to cure the default by making payment. If the borrower does not cure the default within the specified timeframe, the lender can proceed with repossession.

KY require you to have a repo license?

There are only 5 states that require an agent to be be licensed. Look at the link on the right.

How should you be contacted if the car you cosigned on is being sold?

In a few states both the primary borrower and the cosigner must be notified by the lender through a "Right To Cure" notice before repossession action can occur. In Wisconsin a replevin order is necessary before a repossession can take place, but the cosigner is not always notified. In the majority of states the lender does not need to give either the primary or the cosigner notice of repossession action.

Does the state of Colorado require a right to cure letter for auto repossessions?


Can a repossession be legal with no notice if an extension was made on the payment?

Not knowing what state you are in...YES it can. Few states require "notice" if you are referring to "right to cure". None require NOTICE, we are goona repo yo ride. Notice is when they bug you for 60 days wanting to get you to pay, answer the phone, quit pretending its a wrong number,ect. IF you were in default of the contract, they can repo, even ONE day late, IF they want to.