What states can't sell cars as is?

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2011-09-13 13:44:36

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Oregon is the state that cannot sell cars

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2011-09-13 13:44:36
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Q: What states can't sell cars as is?
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How do you sell cars on nfs undercover for wii?

You cant sell them but you can delete them.

How do you sell the bouns cars in tdu2?

You cant sell bonus cars which i admit is rubbish. You have to buy more houses.

How do you sell won cars in test drive unlimited two?

you cant there rare cars so they stay

How do you sell cars on need for speed underground rivals?

unfortunately you cant one of the objects of the game is to get all cars

Can you get a license if you do not have a place to sell the cars yet?

Most states, if not all, require that you have a place of business with an address in order to get a license to sell cars.

Which countries sell the most cars?

Countries that sell most cars includeÊChina, United States, ÊJapan ,Germany and South Korea. China Êsold more than 20 million Êcars in 2013.

How many cars did GM sell in 2006?

In 2006, there were 4,124,645 cars sold by GM in the United States. In 2013, the number of cars sold in the U.S. was 2,786,078.

Is it illegal to buy and sell cars without a dealer license?

The laws in every state vary. In some states you can sell up to 5 cars without a dealers license, but in other states you need a license to sell even 1 car if you are doing it for profit. Check with your states DMV to find out the law in your state.

How many cars can you sell?

Buy: You can BUY as many cars as you have in your budget. Sell: You can SELL as many cars as you wish.(Amount may vary.)

Can you sell clothes on innerstarU?

No you cant u cant sell anything

Do they sell real small cars?

Oh yes, they sell really small cars; they are called Smart Cars.

How many cars can you sell per year in North Dakota before needing a dealers license?

Not sure about ND but it is 3 cars a year in some states.

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