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Looking at the cars driven by James Hunt (McLaren) and Niki Lauda (Ferrari) in general they topped out at about 195mph (314kph).

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Q: What speed did 1976 f1 cars go?
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What is the world 's farstest car?

As far as production cars go the McClaren F1 has the highest top speed.

What is the speed of F-1 racing cars per hour in kms?

Modern day F1 cars can go up to 300 km/h.

How fast do F1 cars go?

250mph...i think

Is an F1 car the fastest race car and if not what is?

No, F1 cars are not. Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut is the fastest normal car going over 310mph. Other cars like the Bloodhound have rocket engines and can go faster than the speed of sound.

Where is the best place to see supercars?

go to an F1 race, to see the ultimate in car technology. Read a little about F1, the technicals of a car, the race, its history. It will be much more fun when you know what you are watching. Also, F1 is all about the sound of the cars, its speed..., it will overwhelm you.

How fast could old F1 cars go?

Depend on aero packages they are running the V10 cars could go 240-260mph.

Do F1 cars go clockwise or counterclockwise at Silverstone?

Clockwise, like most tracks

What hp are f1 cars?

Most f1 cars have about 8-9 hundred horsepower but horsepower is limited andall the cars in one race have the same horsepower so one car doesn't go faster than another and it is a fair race.

How do you get the bugatii for need for speed pro street for PS3?

it is easy go to playstation store go to add ons then go to disc based add ons then go to need for speed pro street and the bugatti is there with many other cars like Audi r8 mclaren f1 the bugatti cost 2.99

How are formula 1 tracks made?

F1 tracks are not only for F1 cars but other forms of motorsport racing. they are built be makinga track by laying tarmac and adding features to it. However, the tracks used in F1 are suitable for F1 cars ie enough room to take other and have the ability o go around corners at various of speeds.

How fast can a Mclaren f1 go with nitrous?

There is nobody which have prooven it, and I dont think it will be prooved either, I think that you couldn't make cars like the McLaren F1 go faster with nitrous, you will just ruin the engine.

Why can't we race f1 cars on rally tracks?

F1 Cars are way to fast to take hard corners. When you're going over 200mph it's hard to turn on hard corners like hairpin corners and still keep a constant speed, also the tires of F1 cars aren't meant for offroad and tough terrain. Trying to go full speed in an F1 car and make a sharp corner will most likely flip the car resulting in almost certain injury as there's no roll-cage or armor of any sort.

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