What size rim fits a 35x12.50.x20 tire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A 20" diameter x 12.50" wide rim.

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Q: What size rim fits a 35x12.50.x20 tire?
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What size tire fits on a 16 inch rim?

That depends on the rim width and the vehicle it is installed on.

What is the biggest rim size for a Chevy Trailblazer?

You can get any size rim you want as long as it fits inside your tire. If the tire is a 22x14, you need 14" rims.

What size tire fits on a 15''x7 rim?

A 15 inch tire from 185 - 225 mm

Can 14 tire fits 15 rim?

no, it takes a 15' tire to fit a 15" rim.

Will a 2354517 tire fit a 17x7 rim?

Well it is 235/45/17... 17 being the size of the rim. So yes it SHOULD fit. 235/ is the height. 45/ is the with and 17/ is the size of the wheel it fits on when reading a tire.

What does 31x10.5x15 mean in tire size?

31 means that the tire is 31" tall, the 10.5 means that the tire is 10.5" wide and the 15 means that it fits a 15" rim.

What size rim fits a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

16 inches wheels. Correct tire size is 225/60-16

Front tire size for 1991 Honda 250x four wheeler?

The stock front tire size is 22x7x10. This means the tire is 22 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and fits on a 10 inch rim. The stock rear tire size is 22x10x9. 22" tall, 10" wide, 9" rim. The stock tire brand is Ohtsu.

Can you put a size fifteen tire on a 2004 Dodge Intrepid?

If you can find a rim that bolts up and fits over the brake caliper, then yes.

What size rim for a 31x10.5 r15 tire?

15inch rim.31=tall10.5=wideR15 diameter or rim size.

Can the spare tire rim on a 2002 dodge caravan accommodate a regular size tire?

The "doughnut" rim, NO.

What size rim for a 31 10.5 r15 tire?

the R stands for RIM , Example R15 Is a 15 Inch Rim The R actually means it is a tire of Radial construction. The wheel & tire diameter is 15" but the width of the rim should be 7" to 8" for this size tire.