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Q: What size jeans are you in hollister if you are a 12 in aeropostale?
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What are good clothing stores for age 12?

~Abercrombie or Abercrombie and Fitch ~Aeropostale ~Hollister ~American Eagle

Where is the best store to go shopping for the age eleven?

For 11-13 year old girls, some popular stores are Justice and PS Aeropostle. Depending on their size they might fit in Aeropostle, Hollister, Abercrombie. In my opinion, anything peace themed is cool. I hope that helped :)

What size would size 5 Americian jeans be in Irish or European sizing?

The size would be a size 10/12 they are cute jeans you have to see them

What is the difference between a size 0 and size 24 in jeans for juniors?


What size of jeans should a twelve year old wear?

size 12 or 14

What age do you have to be to fit hollister trousers?

If you were going for the smallest size, I would say that you had to be about 12 to fit Hollister trousers, it also depends on how long your legs are and how wide you are.

A size 11 in hollister is what size at American eagle?

in hollister a size 11 means you have a 30-30.5 waist and in american eagle size 10 is for 30 inch waist (so if you want a tight for go for 10) and a size 12 in american eagle means you have a 33 inch waist (if you want a looser fit go for 12)

What is Sabrina Bryan's jeans size?

Im Afraid i only have the UK Size....About 12-14

What size is 32 in women's true religion jeans?


What is us size 7-8 jeans in UK size?

It's around a 10/12. Probably closer to a UK size 12 though

Size 34 mens jeans is what size in womens jeans?

i fit my boyfriends jeans and he's a size 30 32 and I'm a size 7 in girls

Are size Uk 14 jeans fat for a 12 year old?