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Inclined plane

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Q: What simple machine is the person using rolling a barrel into the back of a truck?
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What simple machine would a person use to help roll a barrel?

An inclined plane

How are wheel and axle a simple machine?

beacuse they have wheel for rolling them

Is a paddle brush a simple machine such as a lever?

A paddle brush is NOT a simple machine, a simple machine is defined as: a machine or complex tool that eases the load by changing either the magnitude of the direction of a force to match the force to the capability of the machine or the person. So, the force used is from the PERSON not the TOOL without the human force, no work, or power would result.

Is an airplane a simple machine?

An airplane is not a simple machine. A lever is a simple machine. A wheel is a simple machine. Any machine that can be described by a mathematical formula is a simple machine.

Is rolling eyes up a simple motor tic?

Rolling eyes up is a simple motor tic

Which is a type of simple machine?

A pulley isn't a kind of simple machine, it is a simple machine

Is a knife a compound machine or a simple machine?

simple machine

Is a pulley a simple machine or a complex machine?

simple machine

Is a hammer a simple or compex machine?

Its a simple machine which can crush any complex machine

Is a windmill a simple machine?

yes it is a simple machine... the wind blowing on the wheel and axle makes it a simple machine

A simple machine with spiral grooves AND a person who steers a moving vehicle?

screw driver :)

Is wheel is a simple machine?

yes , its a simple machine