What shows how much petrol car has?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A fuel gauge.

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Q: What shows how much petrol car has?
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How much petrol a 2000 engine car will use from London to cannes?

how much petrol will a car use (enginne two liters)

How much petrol does a car take?

Depends on the model of the car

How much does car petrol cost?

50 dollars

How much is a full tank of petrol worth in a ferrari 430?

A full tank of petrol is worth as much as a full tank of petrol in any other car.

Mrs kapurs car holds 42.57 liters of petrol her husbands car holds 63.41 liters of petrol how much petrol must they buy to fill both cars?


How do you find how much petrol left in car when petrol gauge broken?

Drive and see how long it lasts.

How much petrol can filled in car?

The average car holds around 17 gallons.

What is a petrol car?

petrol is synonymous to gasoline. so a petrol car is a car that uses gasoline as its source of fuel.

How many miles will a car run?

depends how much petrol is in the tank

How much petrol will it take to get to Latvia by car?

depends on where you're starting from.

How much petrol does a smart car hold?

it hold 34 liters

How much is an electric car compared to a petrol car?

It depends which car it is, electrical cars are usually more expensive.