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follow his or hers directions if they tell you to go a certain way go that way, also if theres cars ahead of you sit patiently and wait your turn.

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You must follow their directions

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Follow their directions

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Q: What should you do when a law enforcement officer is directing traffic?
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What should you do if a traffic signal is red and an officer signals you to stop?

stop... A police officer assuming control of that intersection will have precedence over a traffic signal. If their signals are contrary to the traffic signal, you'll follow their signal.

If you approach a red light and a traffic officer direct you to go through the intersection without stopping you should?

Follow the officer's instructions, they take precidence over traffic controls such as stoplights or signs. This applies to a uniformed public safety official performing traffic control, thus might be a firefighter, etc, instead of a police officer. FOLLOW me on instagram @merakiy

How does one become a law enforcement officer?

In order to become a law enforcement officer, one should have a college background involving something related to criminal justice. From there, one needs to apply and go through the proper officer training.

What handgun should be practiced with to prepare for a job as a law enforcement officer?

check on the Glock model 19.... a 9mm

Should you wear your uniform and badge and conduct yourself so that people think you are a law enforcement officer?


How do you collect pass due child support?

I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

What should a Probation Officer do If a client makes threats toward him?

If the PO is not a sworn law enforcement officer themselves; report it to the police, or the court which supervises the probation, or swear out a warrant for the probationers arrest. If the PO is a sworn law enforcement officer, they have the option of either arresting the probationer or reporting the threats to the court - at their option.

Should Security Personnel wear Black Mourning Bands when a Law Enforcement Officer dies?

That is a question for the individual security officer and his employer. However, most law enforcement officers will appreciate the show of observance and respect from the security community for wearing a black mourning band.

Can a male officer search a females bra line for a traffic stop?

In general, a male officer should not conduct a search of a female's bra line during a traffic stop unless there is a reasonable suspicion that the individual is concealing a weapon or contraband in that area. However, searches should be conducted in a respectful manner and consider the privacy and sensitivity of the individual being searched. It is important to follow the specific search procedures and guidelines set forth by the law enforcement agency involved.

How should you react when a traffic officer tells you something when is ordinarily considered to be against the law?

you always obey their commands

Should evidence obtained during a traffic stop be allowed as admissible evidence when the police officer initiating the traffic stop is not present at defendant's suppression hearing?

This would depend on whether the testimony of the officer initiating the stop was necessary to establish the foundation for introducing the evidence the defendant is seeking to suppress. If foundation can't be established without te officer's testimony, then the evidence should either be suppressed or the hearing continued until the officer can be present.

How long does it take for law enforcement to get back to you after an arrest?

The time it takes for a law enforcement officer to get back to you after an arrest will vary depending on a number of factors, including your location and the offense. On average, they should be in touch with you within a week or so.