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Take your foot off the gas and brake pedal, let the steering wheel go. Don't try to stop or steer until the car is done sliding, then recover control.... then change your underwear.

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Q: What should you do if your car starts to hydroplane?
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If your car starts to hydroplane you need to?

Remove you foot from the accelerator, hang on to the steering wheel, do not apply the brakes, do not turn the steering wheel, and pray. If your car is in a "hydroplane", you should: -Ease off the accelerator

What is a sentence for the word hydroplane?

When I am in my car and it is raining I might hydroplane.

Can a car hydroplane at 5 MPH?


If your car is in a hydroplane you should?

Keep your foot off the brake and gas pedals and coast until you regain traction.

If your vehicle starts to hydroplane you should?

Slowly take foot of gas. DO NOT BRAKE!! Grip wheel with boths hands and ride it out

Can wet roads cause a car to hydroplane?

Yes, they definitely can.

What problems can arise driving through water?

A car can hydroplane, essentially glide on water

What rhymes with hydroplane?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word hydroplane.

How is a hydroplane different from usual airplane?

A hydroplane is a speedboat, not an airplane.

What should you AVOID doing if your vehicle begins to hydroplane?

Avoid hitting the brakes.

What is hydroplanning?

Hydroplaning or aquaplaning can occur on standing water - the car tires surf on the water and lose their grip with the road. When a car starts to hydroplane the driver may feel a tug on the steering wheel, the steering will then feel very light (as the tires have no contact with the road). If ever you find yourself in a hydroplane NEVER attempt to steer or brake as this will cause you to lose control. The only safe way to deal with it is to remove your foot from the accelerator and let the car slow down. As it does the tires will reconnect with the road.

What could happen If you overload the rear portion of you vehicle and it's raining out your car could easily?