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Put flashers on, and cones 200 feet in back of your vehicle to warn drivers behind.

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Q: What should you do if you park off to shoulder after u break down?
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What do you call the side of a road where there is space enough to park a car?

The break down lane, shoulder, or emergency lane.

How do you get a 1994 corolla from park to drive?

You should have to depress the break pedal while shifting out of Park.

If you park off the shoulder after a breakdown .?

you park off the shoulder after a breakdown and turn on the 4-way flashers.

Right-hand hard shoulder on usage in car driving?

Shoulders are to be used only to park on in case of break downs, or in emergency situations. NEVER for routine travel or passing on the right.

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Toyota Tacoma Stuck in park?

This is a blown brake fuse check your break fuse and should fix it.

Why would a 2002 Hyundai Elantra parked on a hill with the automatic gear shift in park and the doors locked roll down the hill?

Sounds like to me that the shifter linkage didnt positively engage the transmission into park older cars sometimes have sloppy linkage mechenisms and that's most likely what happened.AnswerUse the parking break in addition to putting your vehicle in park. It is bad on your transmission to park on a hill without your parking break on. What you need to do is place your foot on the break put the car in neutral apply the parking break and then shift into park.

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What should you do when leaving your car?

lock the doors, put it in park, turn the lights off if they are on and put on the emergency break

If you park off the shoulder after a breakdown you should?

alchol is quick to finds its way to brain because

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