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You should always stay a safe distance behind large trucks. They have a lot of blind spots and are unable to see smaller cars and trucks. You should also stay back because you never know what is going to fall out of the back or if the truck is going to kick up a rock and hit your car or windshield.

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Q: What should i do When traveling behind large trucks?
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When traveling behind large trucks what should your following distance be?

This depends on your speed and may depend on what country you live in. Where I live you should travel at a distance suitable for the speed you are traveling.

When traveling behind large trucks?

If u can't see their mirrors they can't see you

When you encounter large trucks on an expressway what should you do?

avoid driving between two trucks.

Do large trucks take longer to stop than a car traveling at the same speed?

Yes. Because the truck is heavier.

A very large truck?

There are many types of trucks that are considered large. Monster trucks are some of the biggest trucks there are.

When driving behind a large truck if you can not see the trucks two side mirrors you are?

If your driving behind a big truck and you cant see their two mirrors it means they cant see you!

How do you tighten trucks on a skateboard?

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What is the history behind panel trucks?

Panel trucks or panel vans were created in order to haul large amounts at one time. A delivery truck that is enclosed gives the ability to transfer more goods than would normally be hauled in smaller vehicles such as balloons and flowers.

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How copper ores are transported?

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What are large blind spots on trucks called?

The "No-zone"

What is the space margian ahead when following motorcycles large trucks school buses or trucks carrying flammable liquids?

you should stay back 100 feet. or about 3 car lenghts