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Googles or long sleeves

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Q: What should be pushed up or removed to prevent an accident in the class?
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Should Justin be sued for pushing a child by accident?

it is unknown if he pushed or punched the kid

What should be removed when there is an accident in class?

The students should be removed first. If one is injured, that one will be helped by medics. Everyone else should leave in the manner they are told to.

How can one prevent a gun accident?

There are a number of ways in which to prevent a gun accident. Number one is to keep firearms away from children. You should also always make sure that the gun is unloaded before handing it to anyone.

What should be removed from the paint striper before flushing to prevent static electricity buildup?

Spray Tips

Why should the culture tube be held at a 45 degree angle when the top has been removed?

To prevent contamination.

What should one do if one gets into a work related accident?

It is very important that when an employee becomes involved in a work related accident that he or she report it immediately to their boss or supervisor. This allows for the members of management to take the necessary precautions to prevent this accident from happening again in the future.

The safety belt should be fastened across the hips?

A safety belt should be worn at all times when you're in a vehicle. It should be worn across the hips, versus abdomen, to prevent stomach injury should you get in an accident.

What types of accident should be investigated?

All accident should be investigated.

When should one get a car wreck lawyer?

You should get a car wreck lawyer when you have been in a car accident. A lawyer can help you rid of collision conflicts or tickets. You should hire one to prevent your insurance from rising.

Is it possible to be removed from the phone book?

If it is 'The White Pages' you would like to be removed from, you should phone them on 123 for residents or 126 for businesses. Alternatively, to stop cold calling in the UK, you should register with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and this should prevent people phoning you up.

When should decay heat be removed from the reactor core to prevent fuel damage?

Decay heat should be removed from the reactor core as soon as possible after the reactor is shut down to prevent fuel damage. If the heat is not removed, it can cause the fuel to overheat and potentially result in damage to the fuel rods, leading to a meltdown. Cooling systems such as circulating water or coolant are used to remove the decay heat from the reactor core.

Which is proper English on accident or by accident?

If you mean something happened that was not intentional, it should be by accident. "The boy stepped on the cat's tail by accident."