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Seatbelts and Airbags

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Q: What should all passenger vehicles be equipped with?
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All passenger vehicles must be equipped with?

BOTH A rear-view mirror and Two windshield wipers

Do you have to wear seatbelts in an RV?

Yes, they are motor vehicles, and they are all equipped with them. The driver and the front seat passenger should be buckled in, but I can tell you that I, myself, have been known to move around in them while they are in motion and I suppose that many/most do.

What kind of car gives off the most air pollution?

Due to E.P.A regulations all modern cars must fall into a certain range. There is no particular vehicle that is allowed more or less per say. Pre-92 non-obd2 equipped vehicles will have higher emissions than obd2 or CAN complaint equipped vehicles. Race vehicles are not required to have catalytic converters equipped, and as a result will have higher emissions. Epa link for fuel standards for passenger vehicles.

Are all Ford vehicles equipped with GPS?

No, all Ford vehicles are NOT equipped with GPS. Older models may be updated to have GPS. Newer models are now coming with GPS installed, but not all models are included. Ford is playing catch-up with Chevy in this area.

Which ATV models are best suited for use in mud?

All all-terrain vehicles are equally equipped to drive in muddy areas. Kawasaki and Sportman all-terrain vehicles are the highest rated all-terrain vehicles to be used in mud.

What car rental company rents 8 passenger vehicles?

All the major rental companies rent 8 passenger SUV's.

Do all vehicles have speed governors?

the government require that all new cars (and all cars, after 5 years) be equipped with speed governors that use GPS

How do you disable passenger airbag on a vauxhall meriva?

Some vehicles have a switch to disable the passenger air-bag. Others have a system that can detect a suitable (transponder equipped) child-seat in the passenger seat, and deactivate the air-bag while the seat is fitted. Unless the vehicle has such a switch, or is equipped with such a system, it is not normally possible to disable the passenger air bag without also disabling all the air bags and seat-belt pre-tensioners. For this reason it is recommended that child seats be fitted in the rear, or that those with medical reasons that make an air bag "undesirable" are seated in the rear.

How do you know if your car has an airbag?

A large padded center of the steering wheel is a indication, but it should have a symbol showing it is air bagged equipped. Also starting in the early 1990s, air bags became standard on all new vehicles. You can always know that the driver has one, at minimum. Now there are air bags for driver, passenger and are also found on the sides of certain cars.

How many cars are there in Portugal?

Cars meaning Passenger cars, there are about 4,500,000. All vehicles combined, there are almost 5,900,000.

How should you treat a passenger?

Like the passenger is your boss, after all they make your paycheck possible.

Which line of a SITREP should contain a list of all operation combat vehicles?

Which line of a SITREP report should contain a list of all operational combat vehicles