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Shannons Cars Insurance provides services such as insurance for classic cars, vintage cars and custom collectible cars. They also provide auctioning service for these cars.

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Q: What services does Shannons Car Insurance provide?
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What kind of insurance is offered by the company Shannons?

Shannons Insurance, based in Australia, offers both car and bike insurance specifically tailed towards classic car motoring enthusiasts. They also offer home and contents insurance as well as featuring their own car enthusiasts club.

What are the services of classic car insurance of northern Ireland?

Classic Car Insurance of Northern Ireland provide insurance services for your classic cars. They are an insurance broker and provide quotations from a range of insurers

Who owns Shannons Car Insurance?

Shannon's husband, women can't own property.

What kind of services does Budget insurance provide?

Budget Insurance provides the following services - Car and Van Insurance and Bike Insurance. Budget also provides Life and Pet Insurance and Travel Insurance. Providing also Temporary Car or Van Insurance for your needs.

What services does Kit Car Insurance provide?

"Kit Car Insurance provides many different services for Kit Cars. They offer correct valuations, multi-car coverage, theft guaruntee, and milege discounts."

What type of car insurance can one obtain from Enterprise Insurance Services in Wales?

Enterprise Insurance Services provides sound and independent advice to businesses on matters related to insurance. Their aim is to provide personal and professional services to their clients.

Which companies are providing women car insurance special services?

Geico, Statefarm, AAA and all the other big name companies provide women car insurance special services. Just have to ask around for the best services possible.

Does Direct Line provide home and car insurance?

Direct Line does provide both car and home insurance. The company provides both services. Direct Line is one of the many choices for car and home insurance providers although there are many other to compare with.

How do you compare car insurance?

Most of the websites provide best services of car insurance but is difficult to find out best one according to budget. So, you can compare car insurance that provides all details about car insurance and helpful for you to choose the best polices

Is there any Car Insurance Company in India which provide a online services to the customer?

I know one car insurance company which provide a good service to customer at online and it also provide a quick support to customer that company is a leading insurance company in India and that company name is ICICI Lombard

What companies provide extended warranty insurance in Milwaukee, WI?

Milwaukee Insurance Agents and Brokers in Insurance Services ,Extended car warranties provides extended warranty insurance in Milwaukee

Where can one find the best quotes for auto insurance?

Many services provide ways to find the best quotes for auto insurance. One place that will provide an aggregate of popular car insurance providers is Quote Wizard.