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The services truck stops offer truck drivers can include food, restrooms and beds, but also full service for the truck and truck repairs if so is required.

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Q: What services do truck stops offer to truck drivers?
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What kinds of services does the Trucking Factoring Company offer?

The Trucking Factoring Company is offering Truck Transport. This is a cooperation between the costumer and the truck drivers. This is what you need if you need goods transported.

What does lot lizard mean pertaining to female truckers?

A lot lizard is a prostitute working a truck stop - the term "lizard" comes from the way they scurry from truck to truck. Doesn't really pertain to female truck drivers, except there are instances of male prostitutes, or female prostitutes who offer their diseases... excuse me, services, to female drivers, as well as male drivers.

What other services then trucking are offered by Werner?

Werner offers a drivers' education program for those who wish to become truck drivers. They also offer logistics support to their clients and maintenance facilities for truckers.

Do truck drivers need to use factoring services?

Factoring services can be very useful tools for truck drivers to use. They should look into services, such as bill or invoice factoring, because they may end up needing them.

As a shipper trying to market our available loads is it possible advertise these at Truck Stops?

Yes. Several truck stops have services available for independent drivers operating under their own authority to find loads and contact the shipper. Your major chains - Pilot, TA Travel Centres, Flying J, Petro.. should all have this service available.

How do big truck driver get sex on the road?

Truck drivers go all over the United States. Therefore, they can stop at many truck stops and that is where most meet ladies to have some sexual trysts with.

Where are schools for truck drivers?

There are many school for truck drivers. They offer you the certificate after you pass the course. Be sure to check if the course is genuine or not. Some institute offering such schooling are given below.

Seeking deliv straight truck cdl job?

Check Craigslist, Monster, local employment sites, newspaper classified ads, Expediters Online, etc. Some trucker's forums, such as Class A Drivers or The Truckers Report, also offer services to help drivers find employment.

How do you find a truck driver jobs with a new CDL class A?

It's just like with backing a trailer - GET OUT AND LOOK. Truck stops have free publications where companies advertise for drivers, there's plenty of websites out there - Monster, Career Builder, Craigs List, Class A Drivers, The Trucker's Report, etc. Classified ads in your local newspapers. The school you attended to get your CDL should offer job placement assistance.

Where can one purchase a hot dish?

One can purchase a hot dish wherever camping supplies are sold. They can also be found at truck stops as professional truck drivers use them in their Semi-trucks.

Do truck drivers like there truck clean?

They're supposed to, but there are a lot of nasty truck drivers out there - especially over-the-road drivers.

What companies offer the best discount moving trucks?

Here are two discount moving truck services you can try... Budget Truck at and Penske Truck Rental at