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The services that are provided by Stanstead Airport car parking include Long, Mid and Short Stays and Valet services. Stanstead Airport car parking also offers secured car parking, ease of transfers and very close to the airport.

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Q: What services are provided by Stanstead Airport car parking?
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What does it cost for Stanstead parking?

It costs approximately 5.97 Euro to park at Stanstead Airport. The rates may vary and one should contact the Airport for further information on their rates and services.

Which companies offer valet parking at Stanstead Airport?

Companies which offer valet parking at Stanstead Airport are Go Simply, Sky Park Secure and Air Parks. The Stanstead Airport website has information on vale parking which can be booked in advance on the airport. Valet parking is when a concierge collects ones car and parks it and then on the return of the holiday re collects the car. One doesn't have to worry about parking themselves.

Where can one find rates for car parking at Stanstead?

One can find rates for car parking on the Stanstead airport official website. Long, mid, short, valet and meet and greet, are the types of parking that is available.

What are the main benefits of using car parking at Stanstead Airport?

The benefits of using car parking at Stanstead Airport are it offers secure car parks close to the terminals with an efficient transit service, allows long stay, and many more.

Where can someone find locations of airport car parking stansted?

The official Stanstead Airport website has information about airport parking and gives you directions to the various parking options available nearby including but not limited to long stay parking, mid stay parking and valet parking.

Which is the best long stay car park to use when parking at Stanstead Airport?

The long-stay recommended car parking of Stansted Airport is close to the airport terminal, and may be booked directly on the Stansted Airport website for convenience. The main Stansted Long Stay Car Park is only a few minutes' ride from the terminal, and is services by a free courtesy coach.

What is available for car parking at Stanstead Airport?

The following types of car parking are available at Stanstead Airport: Long stay (1-2 weeks), mid stay (1-3 hours or daily), short stay (24 hour period), meet and greet (pre book only), valet parking (prebook only and up to 2 hours).

How many companies offer car parking services at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport offers car parking services ranging from cheap parking spots to valet parking. Upwards of 200 companies offer parking services at Gatwick. Parking reservations can be made online at London Airport Parking.

What kind of car parking services does Stansted Airport offer?

There are many types of parking services available at Stansted Airport. Services include: long-term parking, mid-term parking, short-term parking and valet parking.

Where can one find a car park in Stanstead?

There are a variety of car parks in Stanstead. For example, the Stanstead Airport has car parks for both short term stay and long term stay, and there is also off-site parking that, in many cases, costs less money.

Where can someone find rates for car parking at Stanstead Airport?

Car parking at Stanstead Airport rates are: Long stay å£16 per day, mid stay is free for 1hr, then å£1 for 2hrs and å£15 for the whole day. Short stay parking costs start å£2.80 for 25 minutes and up to å£37 for 18 - 24 hrs.

How much does valet parking cost at Stanstead Airport in the UK?

The prices start at 84.00 and increase depending on your length of stay. You can reserve parking on their website. Valet parking prevents you from having to walk or take a bus to the terminal.