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NHS Fleet Solutions offers car leasing services. NHS Fleet Solutions offers qualified professionals that are available to help one choose the best vehicle at a good loan rate.

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Q: What services are offered by NHS Fleet Solutions?
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What service is offered by NHS mail?

NHSmail is a secure directory and e-mail service that is available for all NHS staff to use. There is no charge for using this service to NHS employees working in England and Scotland.

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NHS Direct was a telephone helpline service provided by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. It offered health advice and information to the public, including symptom assessment and guidance on appropriate care options. However, the service has been replaced by NHS 111 in England, a 24/7 telephone and online service that provides medical advice and access to appropriate healthcare services.

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Only by exeption by clause 237 commenwealth law, medical exeptions paragraf 29b and clause 9031 paragraf 1a3 NHS services.

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If your teeth are 5 inches too far out then the NHS will provide free braces for you and even retainers. If they are wonky but below 5 inch then you will have to pay around £3.500. (Crikey)

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Rosie Newbigging has written: 'The record of private companies on NHS support services'

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