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Q: What sentence is general enough that it could be a topic sentence in a paragraph about hybrid cars?
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Can you use hybrid in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence with the word 'hybrid':The hybrid dog has Cocker Spaniel, Papillon and Poodle ancestry.

How can you use hybrid in a sentence?

Example sentence - The new hybrid vehicles were not very popular with consumers.

How could you use hybrid in a sentence?

you just used hybrid in a sentece!

Hybrid in a sentence?

Josh was eager to get his fuel efficient hybrid on Sunday.

Use hybrid in a sentence?

I drive a gas/electric hybrid car.

A sentence for hybrid?

The hybrid car could run on both gasoline and ethanol.

What statements is general enough to be the topic sentence of a peragraph about hybrid cars?

A some hybrid cars can be plugged into an electric outlet to recharge their batteries B hybrid cars have many special features that save energy and reduce their operating costs C some hybrid cars use regenerative braking which is a system in which energy that is produced when the brakes are applied is fed back to help recharge the batteries D many hybrid cars will switch off the gasoline engine automatically when the car is idling at a stoplight I do know that C is wrong

How is hybrid genes used in a sentence?

The corn was resistant to disease because of its hybrid genes.

How can you make a sentence using the word hybrid?

The combination of two traits which are similar but different will result in a hybrid.

Scientifically use the word hybrid in a sentence?

The plant is a hybrid created by splicing genes from wheat and tobacco.

How do you use hybrid in a sentence?

He owns a hybrid car, it runs on gas and electricity.Here is an example sentence with the word "hybrid":Hybrid dogs make excellent pets just like purebred dogs, and they are less likely to suffer from genetic defects due to larger genetic pools.

What is an example sentence for a hybrid?

One might be - The hybrid car is very environmentally friendly. Another may be - The lion and tiger hybrid is called a liger.