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The speedometer.

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Q: What sensor is used to calculate the speed of car?
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What is the purpose of the speed sensor on a Mitsubishi Lancer?

to calculate the true speed of the car taking wind speed and direction into account, like a light aircraft (TAS - true air speed)

Will a speed sensor cause car not to start?

cam or crank sensor

How do change the speed sensor on 2007 Toyota camryWhere is the speed sensor?

I'm not positive about this particular car, but on most cars the speed sensor screws into the transmission.

What way can a sensor be used in a car?

A sensor can be used on a car for a number of things car alarm, video sensor, traffic sensor Type your answer here...

Who do you know if the speed sensor is a little off on a car?

The speed sensor can impact a number of things since it is linked to the transmission. If your vehicle has Anti-lock brakes the speed sensor is also linked to this. Relative to the transmission the speed sensor is used to control the shift points of the transmission and if the car does not shift properly it can affect the overall performance of the car as well as the longevity of your transmission and all of its parts. This is not something I would recommend left unattended. You should definitely have this looked at.

Can you take out the speed sensor in a car and the car still work?


What is the best way to get to the speed sensor on a 1999 concord?

There are two speed sensors on the car. The output speed sensor is located on the transmission near the middle of the car. To get to it, the car must be lifted, either by jacks or a hydraulic lift at an auto shop. The sensor is basically under the center console of the car.

What measures speed of a car?

A sensor in the transmission, measures the output shaft speed.

When a car is said to be driving on the highway at 70 mph what frame of reference is used to calculate that speed?

Distance that can be traversed at that speed in that amount of time.

What sensor be used in a car?

o2 sensor.

Where is the Speed Sensor on a 93 Saturn sl2?

Vehicle speed sensor is located on top of the differential on the transmission. Access is from under the car

Will a speed sensor in a 1998 dodge neon stop the car from starting?

Crank and cam sensors, yes. Vehicle speed sensor, no.