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from what I have heard you can get a 14 out of 20 to pass. That is up to 6 questions wrong.

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Q: What score do you need to pass a new york permit test?
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What score do you need to pass an Pennsylvania permit test?

the test has 18 questions. you need to answer at least 15 correct to pass.

What percent do you have to get to pass your permit test?

You need a 24 out of 30 to pass if you get 23 or lower you fail.

What score do you need to pass your English test in Manchester?

69% lol

What is the driver license law?

Aswer: 16 yrs old- need to take drivers Ed, obtain drivers permit and pass road test 18yrs old-need to obtain drivers permit and pass road test

Do you need a driver's permit in order to get a driver's license?

In California, yes you do. It's called a learner's permit, and you need to pass a test to get one here.

Can you get a license in La without a permit if at sixteen?

noooo, you need a permit for at least 6 months and have to pass the written test in order to get a license

Can I take my practice permit test score to the DMV and will they issue the permit without taking the test in Georgia?

No. A practice test is not taken under controlled conditions.

Is it hard to pass Pennsylvania's permit test?


How can i get a lerners permit?

Pass the writing test

What percentage do you need to have to pass Oregon permit test?

They have 35 total question and you must answer 28 of them. Which is 80%

Can my daughter go to our DMV to take a test for her learners permit?

Yes she can. She will need to show the DMV appropriate proof of identity. Pay for her learners' permit and you will have to sign for financial responsibility. She will then need to pass an eye test, and written exam. You have 3 chances to pass the written exam

What is the drug and alcohol test in Florida?

The drug and alcohol test in Florida is the test you need to take and pass to be able to take the drivers test, and get your learners' permit