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The first safety features were brakes, padded dashboards and safety belts. These automobile features were inspired from studies done by Cornell Aeronautical Labs.

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Q: What safety features did an early car have?
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What safety features has a very early car got?

an early car did not have very many safety feature but it had air bags and seat belts

What safety features does an old car and a new car have?


What are some safety features one would want on an infant car seat?

There are many safety features one would want on an infant car seat. Examples of safety features one would want on an infant car seat includes a high-tech safety belt and a safety harness.

What are the safety features of a modern car compared with a very early car?

seat belts, air bags, antilock brakes, inertia fuel cutout, disk brakes, reverse lights, head lights, horn.... Just about everything on the car is safety related and has evolved since the early models

What are the safety features in a car?

An Airbag and Seat Belts

What causes changes in car safety features?

Typically lawsuits

What are some safety features of a car?

air bags and seatbelts.

What kind of safety features can enhance car safety for babies?

Some car safety features including seat belts and air bags just aren't engineered for babies, which is why you absolutely need to properly install an infant car seat, and later use a booster seat. Features like child-proof door locks add another layer of safety.

What safety features does a modern car have that an early made car doesn't have?

5 mph bumper Seat belts collapsable steering column Padded dashboard Passenger safety cage Air bags reinforced door panels Nader door pins

Would be the best source for an essay focusing on the best safety features for cars?

car safety, a magazine that tests car products and tells car owners which ones are the best.

What safety features has a modern car got that an earlier car didn't have apart from air bags describe two different safety features that are used to reduce the risk of injury?

seatbelts and the body kit protect the people in the car and reduce the risk of injury

Will you get car incentives on your car insurance if you purchase a model with extra safety features?

Getting a car incentive based on the safety features of your car varies from insurance company to insurance company. I would suggest consulting your insurance company prior to purchase of the vehicle to find out what they offer in the form of incentives.